What will you create?

Improve Communication

Use the app to communicate news and events with your users, sending push notifications to your users. Suitable for:

  • Sports Clubs – inform users of club news and fixtures
  • Councils – inform users of council events and any local news.
  • Charities – keep your supporters informed of the work you are doing and any events you are running. 
  • Anywhere where you want to share information! 






Easy to use Web Portal

Manage your app from an easy to use web portal – add news items, events, change contact information and change the app colour – no code required!



Content Management

Update the content of the app via the web portal – no code required! .

Data Analytics

Find out how many users are using your app, where they are from. what device they are using and what parts of the app they use most.

Push Notifications

Send push notifications to your users when a new news item is created.

Customise your App

Change the colour of the app instantly via the web portal. Do you change your logo seasonally? You can do this instantly via the app.

Regular Updates

Your app will be updated to maintain security and to make use of new features on devices that are released.

Safe and Secure

Your data is kept safe and secure in the cloud and your data is not shared with anyone.

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